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Sexual Health does not have to be Taboo! Pain with intercourse isn't "normal"

By: Julie Jones, CNM


Sexual health does not have to be a Taboo subject.  Many women may experience pain with intercourse at some point in their lives.  Unfortunately, this pain goes untreated for years due to the stigma around sexual health. 

The good news is, you do not have to live with the pain or think it is "normal."  Intercourse should be a pleasurable experience. An act of connection between you and your partner.  Our office and providers can help you regain the feelings of intimacy and joy.

Treatments involve natural pathways like diet changes, exercise and mental well being, hormones, sex therapy, innovative therapies, FormaV,  brain training, physical therapy and/or surgery if necessary.

Possible causes for Pain with Intercourse

Birth Control Pills

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Nerve Pain

Tight Pelvic Muscles

Interstitial Cystitis 


Ovarian Cysts



Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Genital Injury

Treatment options for Sexual Health

As mentioned above there are many treatment options available to women.  You do not have to live with pain, it does not have to be the "new normal."  You can get back to enjoying intimacy and reconnect with your partner.  Contact our office  to discuss your concerns in a safe and caring environment.  Julie Jones CNM, MS, IF, CST is our certified Medical Sex Therapist and is here to help.  She has years of expertise and has helped many women overcome this challenge.  

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